Friday, January 6, 2012


I finally completed every achievement for Bastion on Steam today.  I decided to play LIMBO next.  I just finished my play through about ten minutes ago.  It's a neat little platformer with some decent puzzles to solve.  The atmosphere of the game is very dark and depressing.  The artwork is completely grayscale and the music sounds very eerie.  You get this overwhelming sense of being alone in the world.  Your character is a little boy and I believe that you're searching for your sister.  The story is very open to interpretation.  There's really no dialogue, narration, text, etc. to tell you what's going on.  I'm not even sure if the ending I saw was happy or sad.  I kind of like the mysteriousness though.  It costs ten US dollars on Steam.  I personally wouldn't pay that much for it.  (I got it for free during the Steam event over the holidays.)  But it's definitely a neat little game to play.


  1. I don't want to reveal the ending. :P

  2. i think than steam suck, i just sayin...

    +follow, followme ;)